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Welcome to simple cashless tipping for people who rely on cash.

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  • Simple

Sign up with just an email address and bank account

  • Secure

Banking-grade encryption and fraud detection

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  • Fair

Never pay anything upfront to accept tips

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How it works

When you register we give you a unique link and QR code, which provides a simple cashless tipping system for anyone who clicks or scans.

Trials have shown that offering cashless and contactless tipping systems can increase your income by around 30% a day.

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Why this matters

Cash is disappearing around the world, overtaken by card and mobile payments.

For many this change is positive, but for people who rely on cash the impact can be devastating.

We’re on a mission to make sure nobody is left behind in the transition to a more cashless society.

  • 300%

Increase in card payments in the last decade

  • 65%

Decrease in cash payments in the last decade

  • 52%

People say they “never or rarely” carry cash

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